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About CPST

“Building Success Through Innovation with You”

Competition in the footwear industry is keener than ever before. So, today you need more from your suppliers than just materials. You need people with a strong understanding of the footwear market, who act quickly to provide technical expertise with your business in mind. CPST can provide technical support and service from our R&D center to help customers overcome any production issues in a timely manner.

Today’s new high performance materials help keep you at the forefront of the fast-paced footwear market with increasingly more choices for cost saving, lightweight, toughness, flexibility, durability and moldability. Shoe stylists want more materials choices to design with. CPST has the largest selection of polymers and additives worldwide. So you can specify the exact properties you need and perhaps discover innovative solutions along the way.

We provide our customers a continuous supply of material as well as timely delivery. With manufacturing facilities based in Korea, CPST has a track record of reliable supply of polymers and master batches to the footwear industry. Through our local sales networking partners we can provide local service to help find the right solutions for your needs.

The launch of a new model of athletic shoe is a more jealously kept secret than the launch of a new car. CPST is aware of your needs for secrecy and will appropriately compartmentalize work on sensitive projects for this reason.

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