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Take a look at CPST's Event 

we are happy to inform you about history and schedule of CPST's event as below. 

please find it and come to see the event of CPST!  

history and schedule for Event 

11.15 2022

05.12 2023

06.07 - 06.09 2023 

07.19 2023 

06.04 2024 

Seminar for d2w and d2p by Radu Baciu, technical director of Symphony at Olympic park, Seoul, South Korea

Seminar for d2w by CPST at Daegu, South Korea

CPST attended ENVEX 2023 exhibition at COEX, Seoul, South Korea

CPST attended the presentation for gathering companies for ESG diagnosis consulting and supporting business with Mrs.Shin Hyang Sook, the president of SDX education lab at Seoul, South Korea

Radu Baciu, technical director of Symphony, will visit Seoul and will have a seminar for d2w at ENVEX 2024 exhibition on 4th June at COEX, Seoul, South Korea

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