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Additive for injection foam with improved properties

Duraloy™ 745

1.Excellent moldability for injection foam gives design freedom for market differentiation
2.Increase in profits through reduced non-conformity (Better stabilization of production process with lower shrinkage during cool-down
3.Better performance for abrasion resistance and improved physical properties (Split tear, C/S, etc)
4.Stable supply & price

Material Features

• Thermal Stability
• Improved Hardness
• Hot Tear Resistance
• Improved Abrasion

Typical Properties

• Density (g/㎤): 0.92
• Melt Flow Index (g/10min): 1.0
• Melt Point (℃): 115
• Hardness (Shore D): 49

Target Applications

• Crosslinking Foam
• Injection Foam
(Midsole, Uni-sole, High Heel, Sandal, Industrial)

Use Recommendations

For sufficient mixing, a high temperature and long mixing time is required.
• Mixing time 9 min.,
Temperature 130℃
• Recommended dosage for Duraloy™ 745 : 10~15 phr
• To obtain pre-foams of the same thickness with EVA’s foams, renovation of the current mold or a new mold designed for Duraloy™ 745 (about 18% decrease of mold thickness) is recommended.

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