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Foaming Technologies from CPST

How CPST products modify EVA foam

• CPST has core technologies to modify various EVA foam systems to provide performance of polymer matrix or surface polarity and morphology
• Patented technologies
• Introducing nano-fillers to maximize activity of functional groups through reactive extrusion
• Homogeneous nucleation & excellent compatibility
• Maintain good physical properties at higher expansion foams
• Many commercialized products for EVA foam in footwear applications

Core Technology3.png

Core Technology of CPST modifiers

• Organic-inorganic hybrid between nano inorganic particle and polar functional resins thru reactive extrusion to attain ultimate physical properties & stable foam structure
• Finer cell via homogenous nucleation and higher melting strength with hydroxy groups from both nano particle and functional specialty polymers

Chemistry of CPST Modifiers


Homogenous Nucleation

Better homogenous nucleation (miscibility of additives) provides a higher number of nucleation sites, thus a finer cell structure with higher melt strength at high expansion ratios


Water + Oil


Water + Oil After shaking⇒ Separation


Water + Oil + Soap
(Ecomax  function)
After shaking ⇒ Homogenous

Melt strength

• Melt strength is one of the key properties for making high performance
foam with a closed cell structure at desired expansion ratios
• Similar concept : Bubble structure of soap solution


CPST products can provide:

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Cost Savings

  - EVA replacement
  - 10 ~ 35% saving

Business Growth


  - Reduction of oil-based synthetic materials including EVA 
  - Bio-degradable foam

Sprint Runner

Performance improvement

  - Light weight(Lower density)
  - Split tear
  - Abrasion
  - Compression set

The following CPST products use this foaming technology:

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