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Voice of people 

Voice of people is where customer, executives and staff memebers, business partner can report company's wrong practice or unethical, illegal, poor action 

CPST Voice of people reports about 

  • fradulent act or corruption of executives and staff members 

  • sexual harassment or torment in job 

  • unfair trade / overuse power 

  • theft, misappropriation, misuse 

  • action that disrupts a sound corporate culture 

  • propose to improve other unreasonable practices 

Precaustions for report 

1) If the report is inaccurate or if it's difficult to confirm to be ture, 
investigation might be difficult so please specify report according to 5W1H (when, who,where,why,what, how) 

2) With the report person in charge could have disadvantage, please avoid false or exaggerated report or 
malicious slander. If these are the case, according to internal investigation process, investigation could be impossible. 

3) If the evidence is incorrect, or not specific, without your name, report can be terminated without notice. 

4) Voice of people is the place where is related to report for ethical mangement, if it's irrelevant, or if it's spam, we won't process the report so please avoid it 

Processing procedure for Voice of people

1. Register the report 

 Report has been received 

2. Review the report

We proceed overall review and confirm with related department about report. 
If the investigation is difficult to do or it's not the object for report, investigation could be excluded

3. Start investigation

Based on report, investigation will start with the department in charge. If we need additional information, we will contact to your contact information you left so please check it.

4. Investigation is complete 

Investigation will proceed according to process for internal investigation handling process, after checking if it's true or not, investigation will be complete 

5. Confirm the result

 you can find the result on your email 

Call : 82-2-417-0413 

Fax : 82-2-417-0418

 Mail : A dong 511 ho, 10, Olympic-ro 35ga-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Shincheon dong, Jamsil the sharpstarpark) 

Informer protection principles 

CPST Voice of people follow the informer protection principles so informer can report with an easy mind 

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