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Award Winning of CPST

we are pleased to inform you about award winning history of CPST. 

CPST would like to be a global hidden champion company in providing solutions for functional specialty masterbatch market. Having Win-Win relationship with partner and customers, we would like to make a differenciated products for them. 

By acquiring award, we would like to provide creative polymer solution to partner and customers as well. 

Award winning history of CPST

07.01 2023 

CPST got renewal for being accredited as a  'Hi Seoul company' certified by Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Business Agency on 1st July 2023. Please find certificate in Korean, English, Chinese from left on below buttons.

01 2024

CPST received ESG approval as S grade, the best grade from Korea Productivity Center and Ministry of Trade,Industry and Energy. Please find certificate in Korean and English from left on below buttons.

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