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Evatane™, Lotryl™, Orevac™, and Lotader™ functional copolymer products

Arkema Products

EVATANE™ 40-55

Ethylene – Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

EVATANE™ 40-55 is an EVA copolymer with high VA content (~40%)


Ethylene – Methyl Acrylate (EMA)

The high MA content allows for low hardness while maintaining thermal stability for low shrinkage and excellent bonding properties.


Ethylene – Vinyl Acetate – Maleic Anhydride (EVA-MAH)

OREVAC™ Terpolymer can be used as a thermoadhesive film to allow homogeneous adhesion at a low temperature for easy processing.


Ethylene – Acrylate – Glycidyl Methacrylate Terpolymer

LOTADER™ reactive comonomers allow covalent bonding and adhesion, so Lotader and Lotader AX can be used as a cross linking agent or compatibilizer.

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