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Who we are

We are a leading polymer master batch supplier for the footwear foam industry, and also provide solutions for cosmetic containers and food packaging. We have one of the largest selections of modifiers and additives worldwide, and work together with our partners in more than fifteen countries around the world. We find creative ways to provide value to our customers through determining the best solutions to their requirements in our various additives. We believe in working together with our customers to find solutions that result in a win-win situation for all parties involved. We offer guaranteed confidentiality for our customers as well as a dependable supply of materials with timely service and delivery.


Our Products

CPST can assure its customers a continuous supply of material as well as timely delivery. With manufacturing facilities based in Korea, CPST has a track record of reliable supply of polymers and specialty master batches to the footwear industry

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Cost Saving

Additives for cost savings without tradeoffs on performance properties

Business Growth

Environmentally Friendly

Additives that allow the use of more recycled material or low carbon footprint fillers

Sprint Runner

High Performance

Better performance properties and other specialty additives

Our Partners’ Products


Arkema Products

Evatane™, Lotryl™, Orevac™, and Lotader™ functional copolymer products


Symphony Environmental

Oxo-biodegradable, Antimicrobial, Flame Retardant, Anti-Insect, Odour Adsorbing, as well as Tag & Trace additives

Quality Guaranteed

By using state-of-the-art control systems in manufacturing, CPST provides polymers and master batches with minimum lot-to-lot variations. This can assure uniform quality of the shoe components produced with our polymers or master batch.



Helping You Achieve More

When appropriate, CPST can be a resource that joins in at the earliest stages of the product development process, a resource that can assist you with concept design; consultation on material selections; component analysis; testing; quality control; even commercialization. Simply stated, it means working together to combine the best minds of our respective organizations to produce the best results for full-fledged partners.

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